Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Striking a perfect balance in interior designing

Here we bring you the most significant basic principle of interior designing in details. Balance is the favorite basic idea and concept achieved by every designer in all the elements while decorating the interiors. Ultimately it’s the balance which turns the room or building into a splendid restful zone. Know how the different kinds of balance can be applied. If you are a layman, you this write-up on the designing’s fundamental principle of Balance will definitely help you to understand your designer and communicate to him in a better way. 


Contribution of balance in interior designing is highest. The main work of balance in designs is to create a feel of equilibrium or evenness. The size, color and shape are to in such symmetry and balance that it doesn’t look oversized or too gaudy and too extravagant for the eyes of the onlooker.
Let us acquaint you with the three segregation of balance for a perfect understanding of this principle or idea of interior designing:

Symmetrical Balance

Symmetry is always preferred in all fields. This is also called a formal balance. Equal space on the wall left between two mirrors, floral arrangements made on either side of the staircases, two chairs on either side of a dining table, similar night lamps on each side of a bed and so on. Abundant symmetry is seen everywhere for a balanced look. However an expert interior designing is to create symmetry with some dash of freshness and novelty in different areas of home or office to avoid a monotonous feel.

Asymmetrical of informal balance

Asymmetrical or Informal balance creates balanced visual weights but with use of non-identical color, shapes and sizes. Some colors and shapes carry more visual weights; like black color carries very high visual weight than the lighter colors like beige. Cylindrical shape carries more visual weight than a spinal shape. Like in fabrics too, combination of certain contrast colors create a perfect visual balance for eyes.

Radial balance

Just think about radius and you will understand this balance. This balance is created when a certain central focal point is created by placing other elements or objects surrounding it. Like round coffee table surrounded by chairs. Watch out click here radial balance in objects like chandeliers, flowers, spiral staircases etc. at your home and offices.
Interior designing is truly an art of balance. The above write-up on Balance as a basic idea of interior designing will be surely helping out you to decorate your rooms in a much better way.