Sunday, 7 December 2014

Ways of Checking Railway Ticket PNR Status

Indian railways have launched many simple and instant ways to check the Rail Ticket PNR status. In this post, we had come up with some ways or methods for checking the PNR Status of you railway ticket online. The following information help you come across various methods to track rail ticket pnr status.

There are multiple methods or ways to check Rail Ticket PNR status:

·         You can check your rail ticket PNR status online

·         You can check your rail ticket PNR status on phone or via SMS.

·         You can check your rail ticket PNR status in person.

Track your Rail Ticket PNR status online by following the below procedure:

Log on to the official site of Indian Railways and click on the PNR status link.
  • Now enter the valid PNR number in the box on the link there you will find the window in which you are required to enter the 10 digit PNR number which you can find your PNR number on top of your of e-ticket or i-ticket issued by Indian railways. Then retype the security code then click on the “Get Status” button to check the PNR status. The Screenshot is given bellow for your information.

  • You can also track the PNR status through IRCTC website but only drawback of this site is that, you need to be a member of the site to avail the provision.

Track your rail ticket PNR status on phone

Indian Railways department has phone number for PNR Status Enquiry, which is a completely free service and works all over India including small villages and towns. You just need to do the following procedure:
·         You have to dial “139” on your mobile or landline phone.
·         Then change the language option. Select the language as per your preference.
·         There you will be given instruction to dial the specific number to track the PNR Status.

Track the rail ticket PNR status by sending a SMS

Indian railway Ticket PNR status can be fetched by sending SMS. The only thing you have to do is as follows:
·         You can send a SMS to any of the following number with the right code and the functional numbers are 57886, 54959, 139, and 5676747.
·         In order to track the PNR status the format of the message should be PNR <your PNR number> to 5676747.
·         If you happen to misspell the code then you can SMS HELP TRN to 54959. This message will help you fetch the standard SMS codes for different services.

Check Rail Ticket PNR status in person

If you are not familiar or find difficult with the method of checking the PNR status online than another option is that. You may go in person to the nearby railway station and make enquiry over the railway counter in the following manner:
  • You have to visit the nearby railway station with your PNR number.
  • In order to get the status of your ticket you have to approach enquiry counter and dictate the PNR number.
  • Concerned person in the enquiry counter will be giving your PNR status immediately.
Please take a Note that above service of SMS or Phone calls are not toll free numbers. Railway SMS charge costs you Rs0.50 per SMS and where as Phone call will be costing your STD call rate per minute.
Hope this post is useful for or readers as it will help you out to understand the different ways for checking the Rail Ticket PNR status either online from here, through SMS or mobile and through in person. We will update your knowledge about Checking PNR Status continuously, by providing new topics of PNR very soon. Stay tuned with us and do not forget to share this blog amongst your friends.