Thursday, 19 June 2014

Best Android Launcher Apps

When you walk in style carrying a Smartphone in your hand just think about the moment. But if you are not having the colorful home screen then it will take 50% from the looks of Smartphone. In order to make your android device more powerful with numerous options you have to download snapchat on PC launcher apps from the play store. When you are searching for something in play store you may get confused with too many options in the list. Don’t worry!! Here I am going to suggest you with some exceptional android launcher apps that give a new life to your Smartphone.

Nova Launcher:

One of the most downloaded app launcher in the history of play store. There are many reasons behind this to be such popular. If you need you can set every app on the home screen itself that are already in the phone. In fact you can expect more from the paid version that gives you options to set number and rows and columns on the home screen. You can also get some live wallpaper with the app that totally changes your home screen for ever. Different themes are also available in this app where you can set your favorite themes. Color is yet another option where you can change the home screen again. But one thing is in limit, you can place only 7 icons on each screen and you can add only three home screens with this app.

Apex Launcher:

It is specially used to customize the home screen size and change the positions every now and then. It is supported both mobile and tablets of android versions. You can set 9 home screens at a time and place as many as icons you like. This is one advantage over Nova Launcher that has a limit of only 3 home screens. You can enjoy home screen gestures that are almost available in all the launchers. if you get more information regarding these apps click Snapchat for PC, It also gives you a chance to set multiple backgrounds for home screen every now and then. 

But remember one thing all these apps consume more battery than regular home screens. So keep your power up to date and enjoy these apps on your android devices.